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Unlike med spas and IV bars, our treatments are developed and delivered by integrative and functional medicine specialists. That means we can help, even if what you’re looking for isn’t on the standard “menu” of services.

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We know you want to stay at your best, so we gathered our best doctor-recommended tips to support you in between our visits together. Check out our latest blog posts or see all blog posts here

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Vitamin B Complex: What Are the Benefits of IV Vitamin B Complex?

B vitamins are a group of micronutrients that play many vital functions in your body. From boosting your energy levels and improving your metabolism to promoting good digestion, they are an indispensable group of nutrients.  Nutritional supplements that contain all eight B vitamins are commonly referred to as B-complex vitamins and are available in multiple […]

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What is IV Therapy? 5 Things to Know About IV Infusion Therapy

IV therapy supplies essential nutrients, hydrates and detoxifies the body, and increases energy levels…

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Can IV Therapy Really Help? The 7 Top Benefits of IV Therapy

Chances are you’ve heard or seen someone on social media talking about the benefits of intravenous therapy…

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