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We believe in the power of personalized care with an integrative medical approach.
Our focus is on you and all your unique wellness needs. With a combination of functional medicine, state-of-the-art technology, and customized treatment planning, we are devoted to supporting you on your journey to optimal health, regenerative healing, and peak performance.

VYVE Experience

Your VYVE experience is nothing like those trendy wellness centers


Board-certified Integrative Medicine Physicians


Advanced Functional Lab Testing


Health Optimization Plans


Cutting-Edge Treatment Modalities


Relaxing and Healing Environment

Our Mission

We strive to empower wellness-seekers on their transformative journey toward achieving optimal health by prescribing advanced medical therapies that allow our patients to live their best life.

Our Promise

We were founded on the principle and desire to help others achieve their wellness goals. Our promise is to educate and provide treatments custom-tailored to your body’s needs.

What Our Patients Have To Say…

"Dr. Haas and the staff at VYVE are incredible! Their personalized recommendations and treatments keep me focused and energized all week despite the demanding schedule of my job - I couldn't imagine life without them on my team."

Brandon B.

"I feel so fortunate to have discovered Dr. Haas and his amazing team! I found them after suffering from severe fatigue and brain fog, and since then, I have continually felt better and better. I feel like the treatments I have received from VYVE are better than any I have received from any of my conventional medical doctors. I HIGHLY recommend this office to anyone ready to start seeing REAL results."

Jamie R.

"I’ve been going to VYVE for over a year, and their offerings are very unique! They take a holistic, full-picture approach, and the entire staff is delightful. Dr. Haas is attentive and thorough – I feel very comfortable trusting him with my health. I look forward to each visit. Thank you to the VYVE team for being awesome and changing the game for a patient-focused experience."

Lauren A.

"I'm immensely grateful for the exceptional treatment provided by Dr. Haas and the team at VYVE Wellness. Suffering from various complications due to long COVID, Dr. Haas' expertise and dedication were remarkable from the start. Under their care, I've experienced significant overall improvement. I feel truly fortunate to have received such exceptional care from Dr. Haas and the VYVE team, who combine profound knowledge with genuine compassion. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking the best care available."

Lorna T.

"Absolutely a wonderful place! The staff is so kind, friendly, and knowledgeable!! Dr. Haas has a true gift, and care about him to help those who need a boost for whatever their health needs are. I highly recommend checking it out!"

Ashley H.

"Joined about 3 months ago, and I already have a visible improvement in my level of energy as well as health. The staff is extremely professional and friendly, always open to listen and help. I like that it is not just an IV hydration place but provides a holistic approach to health, regularly tracking progress. Overall phenomenal experience, I would recommend them to anyone!"

Cyrus T.

"I continue to be blown away by Dr. Haas and the VYVE team's innovative ways of improving my health. This place and these people are awesome – it doesn’t even feel like a doctor’s office, yet your health will change dramatically. I honestly thought my menopause symptoms were just mine to suffer through (20+ hot flashes a day, not sleeping, acne, etc.), and in five weeks, they were gone without hormones! Do your future a favor and book an appointment at VYVE!"

Joy B.

Meet the Founder


Dr. Will Haas, MD, MBA

My story begins back when I was a teenager watching Michael Johnson in the 1996 Olympic Games. Like most teenagers, I was excited to watch new world records set by some of the …

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Haley Grayce, RN

My parents would always say that I’d be the one to take care of them when they were older. Not that my two siblings wouldn’t, but I clearly established my skills as the superior “caretaker” at a young age …

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Olivia Thornburg

My life motto has always been to “Be the change you wish to see” and that nothing in this world is out of reach. Growing up, I watched my mom put herself through nursing …

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Stacy Sweeney

Growing up in Wyoming, I had an early passion for exercise, especially running, playing basketball, and hiking in the mountains. This early passion carried over …

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Brandon Hormann

I began working in healthcare at 16 years old when I began working as a Patient Transporter at a local hospital on Long Island, NY. For years I worked there, and I witnessed countless people from all walks of …

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Your VYVE Team

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Our Vibe



We love to think outside the box and celebrate new approaches to age-old problems.



We value a holistic approach – one that addresses all factors contributing to one’s vitality.



We believe that great things happen when good people partner together.



We take our work seriously, and we try not to take ourselves too seriously in the process.



We value honesty and transparency – it’s the driving force behind all that we do. In the world of insurance premiums and copays, it’s tough – and we’re here to help!

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