Red Light Therapy (PBMT)

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Looking for a simple, non-invasive treatment that promotes healing, regeneration, and anti-aging? Look no further than red light therapy. This highly effective red light treatment has quickly become a favorite among VYVE’s patients due to its fantastic results and benefits.


Red light treatment delivers head-to-toe red and near-infrared (NIR) light directly to your cells, stimulating your energy production and regeneration functions. Think of it as sunbathing in body-enhancing light as opposed to the harmful UV light many people have been overexposed to.


Red light treatment is the perfect therapy for anyone looking to improve their overall well-being, beauty, and vitality through innovative wellness therapy.

How Red Light Therapy (PBMT) Works

VYVE’s Red Light Therapy is both effective and safe, delivering red and near-infrared light directly to the body through medical-grade LED devices. These light beams enhance mitochondrial function and increase adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production, providing more energy to the cells and resulting in better cellular performance, less oxidative stress, and a greater rejuvenation response. Red light therapy can help improve your skin and overall health without causing any side effects.

What Makes VYVE’s Red Light Therapy (PBMT) Different

The essential key to successful Red Light Therapy is applying the most appropriate wavelengths of light during the treatment. Unlike other treatments, where red light panels are put near the body, barely providing enough surface exposure, at VYVE, we deliver four wavelengths of light and 360° of surface exposure in sessions lasting no more than 10 minutes, while you recline comfortably in our red light device. This higher concentration of wavelengths will provide you with the best care.

Benefits of Red Light Therapy (PBMT)

There are several benefits of red light therapy. Red light therapy can help patients live healthily and improve overall wellness. Read and learn more about the benefits of light treatment below.

Red Light Treatment May Help the Body With…


Positive effect on sleep pattern and behavior


Pain alleviation and endorphins release


Better stress and anxiety management


Faster recovery and reduced inflammation

Red Light Therapy (PBMT)

Common Questions

Is It True That Light Therapy Improves Overall Health?

While more research is needed to confirm such bold statements, it is true that red light therapy positively affects various aspects of overall health, including reducing inflammation, improving circulation, promoting tissue repair, and reducing pain. Furthermore, the treatment stimulates collagen and elasticity production and wound healing. Studies also suggest that red light therapy can treat wrinkles, lines, acne, psoriasis, and other skin conditions in addition to hair loss.

Is Red Light Treatment Safe?

Red Light Therapy is generally considered safe for most people when used properly. So far, no research indicates any side effects of the therapy. To ensure your safety at all times during your red light therapy session, please follow our safety guidelines and always consult with our specialists.

What to Wear During My Light Therapy Session?

As long as the treated area is fully exposed to the light, you can wear whatever you like and feel comfortable during your LED red light treatment. Most people prefer to wear swimsuits, while others wear underwear, shorts, and tank tops when getting red light therapy.

Is Red Light Therapy Safe for Children?

There is limited research on the safety of red light therapy for children, so please consult with us before scheduling red light therapy for your child. Generally, red light therapy sessions are safe for most children, depending on their medical histories.

How Many Sessions Do I Need for Best Results?

There’s no fixed number for all treatment plans. The number of sessions you need for red light therapy depends on your individual needs and wellness goals. Some people may see results after just a few sessions, while others may require several treatment sessions over a longer period of time. However, regardless of the number of red LED light therapy sessions needed to notice a difference, we advise continuous exposure to red and near-infrared light to maintain results.

How Are Your Light Therapy Sessions Only 10 Minutes Long and Others Reach Up to 40 Minutes?

Our clinic therapy sessions are only 10 minutes long due to the advanced medical-grade red light therapy devices that we use. These devices use a greater number of LEDs, which are more powerful and efficient, delivering the necessary amount of red light in less time. Other, more old-school lamps or appliances may require longer treatment times due to their lower power output and less effective red light technology.

Red Light Therapy (PBMT) at VYVE…. An Experience Like No Other

Providing only 2 wavelengths of light with front or back exposure while making you stand still for 30 or more minutes is not our style. At VYVE, we want to ensure you enjoy the absolute best experience, so we are not afraid to go the extra mile during your red light therapy session. Investing in the latest technology to deliver profound results with each and every treatment is how we do things here.

Infrared LED Bed

What To Expect For Your First Time

When you come to our office for your LED red light therapy session, here is what you can expect:

  • A comfortable, reclined position during treatment
  • Full light exposure to the whole body
  • Reduced treatment time, up to 10 minutes
  • Relaxing experience and improved circulation

We offer high-quality care to support your journey to a new and healthy you! If you have any questions regarding light therapy, please reach out.

"Dr. Haas and the staff at VYVE are incredible! Their personalized recommendations and treatments keep me focused and energized all week despite the demanding schedule of my job - I couldn't imagine life without them on my team."

Brandon B.

"I feel so fortunate to have discovered Dr. Haas and his amazing team! I found them after suffering from severe fatigue and brain fog, and since then, I have continually felt better and better. I feel like the treatments I have received from VYVE are better than any I have received from any of my conventional medical doctors. I HIGHLY recommend this office to anyone ready to start seeing REAL results."

Jamie R.

"I’ve been going to VYVE for over a year, and their offerings are very unique! They take a holistic, full-picture approach, and the entire staff is delightful. Dr. Haas is attentive and thorough – I feel very comfortable trusting him with my health. I look forward to each visit. Thank you to the VYVE team for being awesome and changing the game for a patient-focused experience."

Lauren A.

"I'm immensely grateful for the exceptional treatment provided by Dr. Haas and the team at VYVE Wellness. Suffering from various complications due to long COVID, Dr. Haas' expertise and dedication were remarkable from the start. Under their care, I've experienced significant overall improvement. I feel truly fortunate to have received such exceptional care from Dr. Haas and the VYVE team, who combine profound knowledge with genuine compassion. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking the best care available."

Lorna T.

"Absolutely a wonderful place! The staff is so kind, friendly, and knowledgeable!! Dr. Haas has a true gift, and care about him to help those who need a boost for whatever their health needs are. I highly recommend checking it out!"

Ashley H.

"Joined about 3 months ago, and I already have a visible improvement in my level of energy as well as health. The staff is extremely professional and friendly, always open to listen and help. I like that it is not just an IV hydration place but provides a holistic approach to health, regularly tracking progress. Overall phenomenal experience, I would recommend them to anyone!"

Cyrus T.

"I continue to be blown away by Dr. Haas and the VYVE team's innovative ways of improving my health. This place and these people are awesome – it doesn’t even feel like a doctor’s office, yet your health will change dramatically. I honestly thought my menopause symptoms were just mine to suffer through (20+ hot flashes a day, not sleeping, acne, etc.), and in five weeks, they were gone without hormones! Do your future a favor and book an appointment at VYVE!"

Joy B.

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