Functional Testing

Discover the body’s hidden clues with the help of advanced testing.

Comprehensive Insights Into Your Health

When it comes to your health and personal wellness, there’s no room for guesswork. That’s why we rely on what’s happening inside your body for answers! Powered by medical-level technology, we specialize in a range of functional diagnostics to map out a comprehensive analysis of your health beyond what conventional testing can provide. By examining specific biomarkers and systems, we can provide insights into the root causes of your health concerns.


With comprehensive insights from functional testing, together, we can help you take proactive steps toward optimizing your health and preventing chronic diseases.


Thorough Assessment

To determine how your body is functioning as a whole, VYVE offers several testing options that provide invaluable data for your symptoms.


Preventative Care

Unlike conventional testing, VYVE's functional lab testing focuses on detecting imbalances or deficiencies early, allowing for prevention in the long run.


Individual Approach

Your journey is unique, and we will always treat it as such. During your consultation, we will discuss your specific health needs to provide an integrative, tailored-to-your-needs approach.

Functional Testing Services

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