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Abridged Life Story

Growing up in Southern California, I embraced an active lifestyle from a young age, starting swimming at five years old. This early passion not only fostered my love for athleticism but also ignited my fascination with the human body and mind’s resilience. My journey into healthcare was significantly influenced by my family; my grandmother’s six-decade career in nursing and education, along with my mother’s work in health science administration and fundraising, naturally drew me to this field.

While on the Women’s Swimming & Diving team at the University of Michigan, my curiosity about the mind’s impact on athletic performance led me to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Graduating during the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020 gave me a unique opportunity to reflect on what my next steps in life looked like. The global crisis strengthened my commitment to helping those in need and inspired me to go back to school. Eager to make a meaningful contribution, I enrolled in an Accelerated Bachelor’s of Nursing program at Northeastern University and began my nursing career in the Emergency Department. There, I acquired a diverse skill set and extensive knowledge.

My decision to join Vyve stemmed from our shared values and a collective passion for improving people’s well-being. At Vyve, I aim to integrate my expertise and enthusiasm to enhance both physical and mental health, ensuring each patient leaves feeling better than when they arrived.