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Abridged Life Story

My parents would always say that I’d be the one to take care of them when they were older. Not that my two siblings wouldn’t, but I clearly established my skills as the superior “caretaker” at a young age.

It brings me great joy to care for others. At age 13, I became a trail ride tour guide. Helping people interact with horses and experiencing their happiness made me feel good. At 30, I faced the balancing act of being blessed with my son and type 1 diabetes. Both were difficult challenges to take on. Being a mother has been the greatest and toughest role I’ve ever had. Topping it off with an autoimmune disease hasn’t been easy. Diabetes didn’t make me feel good – mentally or physically.

After tapping out on insulin and undergoing tiring highs and lows, I tried integrative/functional medicine. I also researched ways to adjust my diet. With weekly nutrient infusions and balanced meals, I could slowly reduce my insulin intake to zero. An added bonus: I lost weight and am now healthier both mentally and physically.

Caring for others has always been my purpose – but now it’s my passion. I’m most passionate about helping people do what I’ve been able to do: Improve overall health and wellness