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Abridged Life Story

In my previous NP life, I worked in conventional cardiology for almost 20 years. I love all the intricacies of the heart and find it fascinating, however the more I learned about the heart the more I learned that the root cause of cardiovascular disease is inflammation; and by changing diet and lifestyle much of cardiovascular disease can be prevented. This launched my journey into Functional Medicine. I began studying and learning all I could about nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, and Functional Medicine. After learning and applying functional medicine principles with my patients I felt that for the first time in my career I was truly able to help people heal, rather than just offering “a pill for every ill.”

On a personal level, I have had my own health struggles where conventional medicine offers no options. I have also struggled with my weight my entire life. Using functional medicine I have been able to manage and reverse my symptoms and finally start to lose weight.

I resonate with the mission and values of VYVE and I strive to bring the best to each person. I am passionate about using my knowledge and experience to empower people to push past their barriers to reach their full potential and their health goals.