Metabolic Testing (PNOE)

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PNOE’s metabolic testing is a cutting-edge technology designed to identify how efficiently your body burns calories, oxygenates, and produces energy. This testing can benefit anyone looking to improve their health, fitness, or athletic performance. With the PNOE test, our experts can help you create personalized fitness and nutrition plans based on your body’s unique metabolic rate. This non-invasive test is quick, simple, and provides detailed information about your body’s metabolic performance. Whether you’re a professional athlete, starting on your fitness journey, or just want to understand how your body is performing so you can optimize your health, metabolic testing can give you the insight you need to achieve your goals and improve your overall health and wellness.

How Metabolic Testing (PNOE) Works

Metabolic Testing (PNOE) measures oxygen uptake, carbon dioxide production, and respiratory exchange ratio during rest and different activities or exercises to provide insight into a person’s metabolism. The results are used to create personalized diet and exercise plans to optimize weight loss, athletic performance, and overall health.

What Makes VYVE’s Metabolic Testing (PNOE) Different

VYVE’s Metabolic Testing (PNOE) is different because we offer a comprehensive approach to helping you understand your metabolism and providing a plan for optimization based on your current state. Our service provides high-level cardiorespiratory and metabolic analysis that shows a complete and accurate picture of your fitness level. We also use the latest technology and algorithms to create customized plans based on your unique metabolic needs.

Metabolic Testing (PNOE) benefits

PNOE may help the body with…


Improving stamina and athletic performance


Identifying and fixing unique weaknesses


Achieving weight loss goals effectively


Optimizing nutrient utilization

Metabolic Testing (PNOE)

Common Questions

What Kind of Information Will I Learn From My Metabolic Testing Results?

Your metabolic testing results will provide valuable information about your body’s energy needs, including your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR). In addition, metabolic testing can provide valuable information about your body’s use of carbohydrates and fats during exercise and your anaerobic threshold. Furthermore, metabolic testing can help identify any potential metabolic imbalances or underlying health issues that may be affecting your metabolism, allowing for earlier intervention and treatment.

How Can I Use the Information From My Metabolic Testing to Improve My Health and Fitness Goals?

Your metabolic testing results can provide valuable insights into your body’s unique metabolism, which can be used to tailor your diet and exercise routines to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. For example, if your results show that you have a slow metabolism, you may need to adjust your caloric intake and exercise routine accordingly to achieve weight loss. Alternatively, if your results indicate that you have a fast metabolism, you may need to consume more calories to build muscle mass. With this personalized information, you can make more informed choices about your diet and exercise routine to optimize your health and fitness goals.

Do I Need to Do Anything to Prepare for My Metabolic Testing Session?

Yes, there are some things you could do to prepare for your metabolic testing session. First, avoid eating, drinking (except water), and exercising for at least four hours prior to your appointment. Avoid any caffeine or other stimulants before the test. As far as clothing is concerned, wear comfortable sports apparel that is not too tight. Finally, bring any medications or supplements you might be taking to your appointment so that your metabolic rate can be accurately measured.

What Happens During the Active Exercise Testing?

During the active exercise testing, you will be asked to perform physical activity on a stationary bike or treadmill while wearing a mask that measures the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide you inhale and exhale. Your heart rate and breathing will be monitored, while the exercise’s intensity is gradually increased. Ultimately, this helps determine your peak aerobic capacity and how your body uses oxygen during a workout.

How Often Should I Undergo Metabolic Testing?

The frequency of metabolic testing depends on your individual needs and goals. For athletes or individuals with specific fitness or weight loss goals, it may be beneficial to undergo testing more frequently, such as every few months. For others, it may be sufficient to have testing done once a year or less frequently. Your healthcare provider or a VYVE specialist can help determine the best frequency for your individual needs.

Is the Test Safe for Everyone?

Metabolic testing is generally safe for most people. However, if you have any pre-existing health conditions, please discuss them with one of our healthcare professionals during your initial consultation before undergoing the test. Additionally, the exercise component of the test may not be suitable for individuals with certain medical conditions or physical limitations.

Metabolic Testing (PNOE) at VYVE…
An Experience Like No Other

At VYVE, we offer a personalized and comprehensive approach to metabolic testing. Our trained staff will guide you through the process and provide a thorough analysis of your results. With our state-of-the-art equipment and technology, you can trust that you are receiving the most accurate and advanced testing available.

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What To Expect For Your First Time

  • Avoid exercise, caffeine, and alcohol for at least 4 hours before the test
  • Two types of testing – at rest and during exercise for maximum results
  • Results will be explained to you by our trained staff
  • Fitness regime and a diet, all tailored to your needs following your results

"Dr. Haas and the staff at VYVE are incredible! Their personalized recommendations and treatments keep me focused and energized all week despite the demanding schedule of my job - I couldn't imagine life without them on my team."

Brandon B.

"I feel so fortunate to have discovered Dr. Haas and his amazing team! I found them after suffering from severe fatigue and brain fog, and since then, I have continually felt better and better. I feel like the treatments I have received from VYVE are better than any I have received from any of my conventional medical doctors. I HIGHLY recommend this office to anyone ready to start seeing REAL results."

Jamie R.

"I’ve been going to VYVE for over a year, and their offerings are very unique! They take a holistic, full-picture approach, and the entire staff is delightful. Dr. Haas is attentive and thorough – I feel very comfortable trusting him with my health. I look forward to each visit. Thank you to the VYVE team for being awesome and changing the game for a patient-focused experience."

Lauren A.

"I'm immensely grateful for the exceptional treatment provided by Dr. Haas and the team at VYVE Wellness. Suffering from various complications due to long COVID, Dr. Haas' expertise and dedication were remarkable from the start. Under their care, I've experienced significant overall improvement. I feel truly fortunate to have received such exceptional care from Dr. Haas and the VYVE team, who combine profound knowledge with genuine compassion. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking the best care available."

Lorna T.

"Absolutely a wonderful place! The staff is so kind, friendly, and knowledgeable!! Dr. Haas has a true gift, and care about him to help those who need a boost for whatever their health needs are. I highly recommend checking it out!"

Ashley H.

"Joined about 3 months ago, and I already have a visible improvement in my level of energy as well as health. The staff is extremely professional and friendly, always open to listen and help. I like that it is not just an IV hydration place but provides a holistic approach to health, regularly tracking progress. Overall phenomenal experience, I would recommend them to anyone!"

Cyrus T.

"I continue to be blown away by Dr. Haas and the VYVE team's innovative ways of improving my health. This place and these people are awesome – it doesn’t even feel like a doctor’s office, yet your health will change dramatically. I honestly thought my menopause symptoms were just mine to suffer through (20+ hot flashes a day, not sleeping, acne, etc.), and in five weeks, they were gone without hormones! Do your future a favor and book an appointment at VYVE!"

Joy B.

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